Business Development


•  Maintain business budgets and overhead costs

•  Business strategy planning and implementation

•  Business sales support

•  Cross-Functional team building & leadership

•  Stakeholder management

•  Advise on Change Management

•  Strengthen a present aviation approval and its processes

   and help it become more effective within the organisation’s core

   business operations






•  Support Quality Management System (QMS) auditing processes and procedures

•  Assist with supplier selections

•  Assist with continuous audits

•  Provide support on closure actions of internal findings.


PART 21 Subpart G

(Production Organisation Approval - POA)


•  Subject to regulatory approval, act as Accountable Manager (FORM 4) signatory

•  Guidance on POE Exposition development and expansion

•  Procedural and process development


PART 21 J (Design Office Approval -DOA)

• Design Office Handbook development and amendments

• Guidance on Design Approval development and PART 21 disciplines

  including strengthening areas such as Design Assurance,

  Continued Airworthiness and Office of Airworthiness

• Act as FORM 4 signatory for Head of Design Organisation and/or Chief of Office

  of Airworthiness and/or Chief of Independent System Monitoring

  (subject to regulatory approval, specific Design Organisation Approval and its

  Design Office Handbook)

• Provide CVE signatory for Airframe/Cabin Safety

• Assistance with team building

• One-to-one development within the Design Office Approval

• Inhouse training and awareness of PART 21 Subpart J


PART-M Subpart G

•  End of lease requirements including operator and regulatory needs are adhered

   to or advised upon

•  Aircraft technical records review, ensuring that continued airworthiness

   is maintained

•  Ensure compliance is maintained to the MPD, Airworthiness Directives,

   component life and hard time restrictions

•  Document reviews for damage and repair files

•  Document review and compliance checks for all Minor and Major

   Change/Modification records


National Aviation Authorities



Working knowledge of the following Bi-lateral agreements:


• European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)

• United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA)

• Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

• Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA)

• Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (HK CAD)

• UAE General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)




+44(0)7305 178231

+44(0)1279 851908